Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cells Be Multiplyin' (Culture Shock)

I found a blogspot (new to me): trap.blogspot.com. Bam...eloquence stated to cover the inadequacies of my tongue. I was reading in Millenial Star blogspot and there were two or three blogger-fags (my term, my meaning) talking about didactyl bullshit and other weird Mormon stuff, and I got the feeling they were stroking each others'...must I be so crass? What is the point? I find other blogspots that seem so real and honest. One named ned flanders...I'll learn to reference one day when I have time. I know it's interesting to delve into the nether-regions of deep doctrine, but I thought the point of the Gospel is to save. Keep it to yourselves, crackas. But then I chose to read it...Anyway, I am closer to naming my dilemna. I know the Gospel is true, but I don't like going to Church. Or, I don't feel included in Church. I'm not talking about wanting to fit into a 'group' like an pre-adolescent kid, but I'm talking the whole personality. I feel most members are hiding from something. What's yer pain, brother? There is no talk about healing. No confiding...I like a blog called Mormon Feminists (?) where some sisters talked of Trolls...find it and read it. Does anyone get the feeling Elders Quorum lessons are time-fillers? Hmmm...I'm not trying to sound blasphemous. I'm not. My testimony is rooted in the Saviour firmly. I just don't 'feel' the organization.


Blogger Stephen said...

That's because the organization is there to point you at Christ, not the other way around.

5:49 AM  
Blogger brandnewyear said...

just stopping by again - i go through stages with church. sometimes i enjoy it sometimes i don't...but it all depends on my mindset at the time. do i feel like enduring the church face? sometimes no. =)

6:11 PM  
Blogger LostNowFound said...

I go to a LDS-based 12 step addiction recovery group. When I first started going it was a night and day difference between the group and what I was feeling at church. Everyone in the group was really sharing their deepest feelings, fears, weaknesses, admiting their nothingness, etc. While everyone at church seemed to be doing the opposite; hiding these things and pretending to be perfect.

I was amazed at how much closer I felt to the group and the spirit I felt there. However as I continued I was able to bring with me the same attitude and thrist for the spirit from the group meetings to church. I do not talk as freely at church as I can at the group but still there has been a change.

I would suggest trying to find a 12 step program, or an LDS 12 step program if there is one available in your area. You can search for one on www.providentliving.org.

9:24 AM  
Blogger LostNowFound said...

A 12-step for addicted mormons, how funny.

Yes it's a 12 step program sponsorewd by the church, through LDS Family Services.

The program is not just for "additcs" but anyone seeking to come closer to God by learning his will for them. I think the program is really repentance in action. Not just for the big sins, but for anything that takes you away from God.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Stephen said...


That should make it clearer to anyone with questions. Just ran that down, looks interesting as well.

8:36 PM  

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