Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spectrum Perspective

I was thinking, why do certain people like the music they do, or the styles of hairs or clothes they do, including myself? I've addressed this before, and it's a recurring theme. I think it's part of why I shave my head. I want to present an image of neutrality. But people freak-out. In Elder's Quorum during the opening exercises, the EQP welcomed everybody and thanked me in front of everybody for shaving my head to make the naturally bald look better. ??? So I was thinking, from what angle do I see things, and how is it different from, say, a kicker does? Kicker meaning the whole gamut of country music, ropers, boots, pick-up trucks, inbreeding (ha! I don't mean that, it's just funny). I mean, how does that person view the world?

I came to the conclusion whatever the topic is, it is represented by a sphere. Some people view the sphere (music, hair style, clothes, etc.) from one side, and some view from the other side. Some look from underneath, and some look from on top. Does this make sense? How you are depends on what angle you view the sphere from. ?

So, maybe I'm not depressed...? Who determines the criteria for depression if it is part of the whole human(mortal)experience? One of the reasons I don't want medication is maybe medicine is a big business scam. I meet so many of the criteria for this checklist so it is ethically and morally responsible for me to start taking these medications...? I don't know. I'm just rambling...


Blogger Elizabeth-W said...

I haven't heard the term 'kicker' for a long time. :)
I think that the whole perspective thing is what keeps me from getting more agitated by world politics/extremists. When you're raised in one sphere it is very difficult to see the other sphere clearly.
I think that you could say you are mood disordered (either depressed or bipolar II) from an American's mental health perspective. What it might be called from some tribe in the deepest Amazon might call it something else, but only if what was going on with you is significantly outside the cultural norm. If everyone's mood in the group operates the way yours does, they might not even have a language to describe that normalcy. :)

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Barb said...

I have thought a lot about identity for over a year in regards to how people seek to define themselves. I guess that I have never wanted to draw too much attention to myself. This probably dates me, but in the 4th grade I got my hair feathered as Farrah made it very popular. However, I usually did not feather my hair in public because I thought it made me stand out too much.

It is interesting how music, cars, and dress do seem to tie in with each other for some. I am not sure what you meant by seeing it on top or beneath. It is always easy though to dissect things as an outsider. On the inside, things are not always so tacit.

As far as depression, there is situational depression and there is a more chronic depression. Situational depression is linked to a life event while the other does not always have an origion on a life event. There may be some people that are more serious though if that is what you mean or more dramatic. It is fine if it does not interfere with your enjoying life and being healthy.

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