Monday, January 29, 2007

Infinite Annoyances by strange Mormons

Okay, here we go again...Saturday my 12 y/o attended a merit badge fair for Boy Scouts in Atascocita put on by our Church. When he came home, he said he had some altercation with someone from the Eagle Springs Ward, another boy. He described what happened, and I let it go, telling him to remember who he was and make good decisions and to be friendly. Wellllllll, my friend from Eagle Springs was there, he's in the Stake Youth in some position, and he calls me up Saturday evening telling me about the incident. I'm asking him the whole time what's the point of him telling me this because I already forgot about it. It turns out his story correlates with my son's account almost exactly. He also states the mother of this young kid called him and is going to call me. Well, here is the rub: in my opinion, kids will be kids, boys will be boys, and conflict will always arise, no matter what. I'm not saying that just to excuse behavior on either sides of the issue. My friend said my son used some bad language (the f-word, etc.) and my son swears he said "freaking" and "crap". My son says it alot at home and he gets berated for it at home also, but I don't know.

So, to clarify my complaint: why would someone feel the need to call me and tell on my son, which is how I took the whole incident? When I was in the youth, conflict was handled 'in-house'. For example, at a dance in Klein this guy jumped me in the middle of the dance floor over some girl who liked me but I payed no attention to. My youth leader, who btw is my current stake president, broke up the fight, if you can call it that. But, it never got to my parents. No leader felt the need to 'report Louis's herectical non-Mormon acting ways' or anything. An hour after the incident it was forgotten...this kind of action is always happening over here. Is it an isolated Kingwood-Humble area Mormon type thing or is it Church-wide?

In my quest for strength and patience, I feel I'm being tested to see how I will react...Sometimes I think Mormons make me the angriest, asides from politicians, which don't count because they're cartoon figures anyway. Nevertheless, all is well. I remember in D/C where Joseph Smith states "many are called but few are chosen, because when they get some (self-perceived) authority they try to use it by force instead of charity and patience..." I'm paraphrasing because I haven't memorized it verbatim. It goes on to state "beware, lest ye are left to 'kick against the pricks'. I feel in my anger to be the prick they kick against...


Blogger Elizabeth-W said...

Oh Louise ;) I just wanna keep calling you Patrick, okay? I think that if my child were cussing at church, or anywhere, I'd like to know about it. But on the other hand, I know there are things that probably if it didn't get back to me my children's lives would be easier.
I don't know if that sort of deal is local or not. But I do think your point about being tested makes sense. Remember the ward mission leader who said some pretty intrusive stuff to Shazzy? I could have easily gotten myself offended and never gone back to church over that one.
Remember that talk in conference about "nothing shall offend them"? It's perfect for this setting. We're like rocks in a tumbler--we have to be in it together to get polished. If I am the only rock in the tumbler, I won't ever get polished. I have to have something to rub against to get any refining done.
That being said, I'm a kick against the pricks kind of gal, in case you hadn't noticed :)

8:03 PM  
Blogger White Man Retarded said...

I don't mind knowing, but also I fully suscribe to the belief of free-agency, teaching the right way, and letting them make their own decisions. What I have a problem with is people griping at children and acting like an ass. It's not the end of the world.

12:46 AM  
Blogger White Man Retarded said...

Also, I agree with polishing each other. But by free-agency.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

I say move to another stake. :) This is such a guy thing... you never hear about girls jumping each other in the middle of the dance floor over guys they like. I'm with you - least said, soonest mended.

10:11 AM  
Blogger elasticwaistbandlady said...

I got tattled on because an inch of my garment shown under the hem of my shorts while at the grocery store. While I was pregnant. And struggling with 200 hundred dollars in groceries. And handling five children. Alone.

4 years later, and I'm still pissed about it.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's moments like these when we can be glad of who we are. And also take the opportunity to learn about the psychosis envolved in the human experience.
It's Church and World wide. Momo's and everyone else. We all do it. It's just when we think the truth of the Gospel or that the simple state of knowing the truth makes us more 'true' than anyone else. Even our true selves.
It's called being self rightous. It's not new or unique just subtle and seemingly innocuous. The danger is in the packaging. A see-thru window that reflects back. I frightful mirror.
He may be focused outwardly on how you should conduct your family, but his actions are also telling you about a similar story in his own home. He is only using you to feel better about himself.

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray abouth these issues all of the time. I always get the answer to pray for my brethern. That as well as being up front and open to compromise. Also kicking and cussing can help.

8:53 PM  

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