Friday, January 19, 2007

The bogey-man cometh...

The T.V. show is sparking anti-Muslim feelings across the United States?

It's not:

-female circumcision?
-suicide bombings?
-blatant disregard for all women and non-Muslims?
-the Taliban's religious police executing and torturing those 'not exhibiting Muslim--acceptable' features, such as the length of a beard?
-the religion of peace, peacefully decapitating non-Muslims while praying 'God is Great'?
-multiple national leaders (Iran, Syria, etc.) calling for and predicting the imminent conflagration of the West and Israel?
-the democratic (ha!) elections of a terrorist organization (Hamas)to rule whose constitution specifically states for the driving out of Palenstine and the world extermination of the Jews?
-the physical pissing on the flag of the one country who will not prosecute you for doing so (Muslim protesters in N.Y.)?...

...and so on...

It's the television, stupid.


Blogger Elizabeth-W said...

Well, I have to say that as we were watching the opening episodes I asked Shazzy whether this was throwing gasoline on a raging fire?

I do worry that it only makes cultural relations worse. Shazzy has a good friend in Portland who moved here to go to college about 20 years ago now. He has a child here in the US and rarely goes home to Saudi. He doesn't have a job because his family has so much money. He just manages their business affairs here. I always worry that he had us all fooled, that one day we'll find out he was a major player in some sort of terrorist episode.

9:50 PM  

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