Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Legendary Pink Dots are great because...

they're legendary. Here is the lyrics to Disturbance from the Maria Dimension album:

"We ride on the avalanche we climb the melting red lungs of the ladder that
Leads high to a darkening moon. we're the watchers of disaster, we're the
Dancers on your tomb. we're the invisible invaders of your privacy... your
Dreams. we're the spectres on your screen. we murmur sweet transparent
Lunacy on hot oppressive nights - you shine a light and you will see just
A shadow"

I actually saw them at Fitzgeralds in Houston a long time ago...I don't really pay attention to lyrics and singers that much but some songs are enhanced by them. This song floats and builds and the music actually puncuates the lyrics (or lyrics punctuate the music...?!?). I've listened to this song a kabillion times and just now this morning noticed the words. "We murmur sweet transparent Lunacy..." Brilliant...


Anonymous Susan M said...

My brother was really into them but I've never really heard much by them. I'll have to check them out, that song seems really cool.

6:55 AM  

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