Thursday, January 18, 2007


Have you ever seen the Polyphonic Spree?

I have this picture of the Second Coming where the Lord is heralded by angels on either side as He's descending on a cloud over the desert. It's a pretty famous painting in LDS culture. I have the idea of painting the bottom hems of all the angels different colors because (and this may sound cheesy) there is a majesty about the Spree's music. Sure, they are just a band, but their sounds can be incredible and the structure of their songs are breathtaking. One time after a run during the freak-out I was picturing the music the angels are playing could be as majestic as the Spree's but on a so-much-higher level.

Heather and I saw them in Ft. Worth during the July 4th weekend of 2005 at the botanical gardens. We arrived a few hours before the show and decided to tour the botanical gardens. The stage was a couple acres away in a field surrounded by trees and while we were walking around we started hearing all of these eerie and beautiful sounds. Spree soundcheck! So cool...Second time was in Austin at Emo's last fall, 2006. We drove from Houston to see them and got to catch Pilotdrift, which is a really great band. Emo's stage is kind of small, the inside part was hot, and cigarette smoke was heavy. The show was good, but the atmosphere lacked the magic of Ft. Worth's show. But, I'll settle for anywhere for a Spree show.

"Yeah, everyone wants to know love..."



Anonymous Barb said...

One of these days I should turn the sound on my speakers so I can listen.

From your description, they sound awesome!

I usually only turn my speakers with my craving for rural life calls me to watch AGDay. Or if I want music to accompany my singing. I haven't turned it on for weeks though as I find it kind of complicated to have to push one more button.

9:22 PM  

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