Friday, January 26, 2007

You spin me right round baby...


Where along Maslow's heirarchy did human beings stop progressing? This is further proof just because a human achieves fame, money, success, or any combination of the three, that human has not self-actualized. As a matter of fact, Western culture does not promote self-actualization. I don't know about Eastern culture, and Middle-eastern culture promotes self-emoilation (hahaha...). On the surface Lou Dobbs appears like a stereotypical self-righteous leftist, but now I'm not so sure. That's how I wrote him off from sound-bytes, but maybe I need to delve into him more. Have you ever wondered if both U.S. political parties have the same hand up their asses? Does it matter who actually wins in government anymore? Is our political process dead?

Now, even more scarier, what if the government actually is not so out of touch with the populace, but the government is a microcosmic reflection of our society? I was reading in 4th Nephi and the whole Book of Mormon (not the comprehensive B.O.M., but the section Mormon wrote, namely the Book of Mormon within... the Book of Mormon...the book following 4th Nephi, dammit!) The neo-Lamanites are just beginning to eat the neo-Nephites' lunch on a mortal scale and it is all due to the degeneration of society. It is interesting to see how the Book of Mormon progresses, and apply that to our present day world. But, the catch nowadays is the Lord has promised the Priesthood will never again be taken from the Earth. How do you think this very real issue of our time will play out? Has not one of our apostles said our time has paralleled Sodom and Gomorrah presently?

It's funny how people blame all of our ills on the government when our society puts out trash such as American Idle, tabloids, celebrity promotion, ghettos, strip bars, and so on. I'm not looking down my righteously swollen nose at it either because I'm sure some of the music I listen to and purchase promotes the same. But I don't blame the government for it. Now, back to Maslow...

So is Pete typical of western culture and therefore not so much a freak as initail reaction would state?


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