Sunday, February 11, 2007

I know the pieces fit

I'm not sick all of the time, just so you know. I treat blog like a journal, but my mind continually races, and therefore blogging only captures a small portion of what I'm feeling. When I'm feeling fine sometimes I don't write anything. But when I do feel off it is very intense. So much for that...

I was talking to a friend (flesh and blood) about the experiences I have/had with self-righteous Mormons/humans...and to tell you the truth, and I'm not being facetious, conceited, or anything of the like, I came to the conclusion that I may be more intelligent than most people, and therefore the burden rests with me to bear the 'weaknesses' of others in that field. Now, that being said, I am not saying I am better than most, I'm just more intelligent. I see people for what they are.

So, we are here to have our rough spots smoothed. Who am I to take away that experience from someone just because they are inconveinencing my personal comfort level? Who am I not to experience it myself? Just thinking...

Hey. I was just thinking, Iran is pursuing our destruction, Putin is badmouthing the United States, Maslow's Heirarchy doesn't even apply to Mogadishu, and Sean Hannity is obsessing over Anna Nichole Smith...I wonder what the profit margin is for the tabloids...?


Anonymous Barb said...

I think that there are certain types of awareness that do allow some people to have a greater understanding of relationships and with that a greater responsibility. Some people can be very intelligent and yet also lacking in that dimension. I am very introspective and analytical and finding that thinking is both a strength and a weakness. Even as I try to get very mad at people, my mind often balances things out as I know that I am trying to cloud part of the picture and the good that they have done. I am not sure if certain goods outweigh the over all neglect and indifference I have felt to certain trials in my life while other trials were met with concern. However, I do believe that from what I have observed that the people were good people who were trying their best.

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always think along the same themes as Barb has mentioned. What's more is that I always end up seeing the weaker parts of myself that others have to endure. My lacking parts, my ignorances, even my rebellousness despite my own awareness of it.
In the end Christs quiet examples of compassion set such an open ended example of how we can grow together. Even if one chooses not to accept charity learning how to forgive others will allow you learn how to forgive yourself. I am amazed and how hard it is for me to forgive others that hurt me.
When I am engaged in an experience where I am including Christ to help me learn to forgive, I in turn come to an awareness of how I have judged myself in a way that excludes God from the relationship that I am trying to build with him. That in itself is far more damaging thing than what anyone person could ever do to me.
It's so much easier from that vantage point to see his love for me and his willingness to teach and nurture me. : )

9:10 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth-W said...

Barb, were you anonymous in the second post? It sounds like you.

Patrick, I'm digging the last two paragraphs!
It's like the monks in Tibet (or any place monks hang out in relative solitude). They don't have to do all that much interacting, much rubbing off of the rough. If I had to just sit and meditate all day long, I could get to some level of serenity that I don't have now. But, I can't imagine that it is more genuine.
Tonight in FHE my dad was talking about service, and he said that he could find no evidence of the Savior ever once rejecting anyone's appeal for help. So if that is the standard, I think we have to get comfortable with people we don't particularly like, but need to love has He loved. I don't know if that makes any sense??

10:32 PM  
Anonymous Barb said...

Elizabeth, as much as I would like to take credit for anonymous, those were not my words.

I have been thinking more about this post through the day and do think that are experiences can play a role here. Also, education can play a factor. As a nurse, I would think Patrick would have a grasp on a lot of things that people may not have and that will reflect in how he relates with others. I often think of generational differences as well. I know older people who led more segregated lives were probably as a whole more biases than those who have diverse friends. It is not because the older people are bad. It has to do with what they were taught and also lack of first-hand experience. Then, there are also different personaltiy types at play.

I think that the more we know a person, the more we can see how their experiences have shaped them.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Barb said...

I must think too much about stuff like this as I am back to comment more. :)

I was a Speech Pathology major for a whole semester. Plus, I was getting an emphasis in Special Education as part of my Elementary Education degree that I was majoring in at one time before having to switch majors due to my ocd. That influences how I size people up. For instance, I do not use the blanket word idiot so much. Rather I will think in terms that he or she may have an expressive language disorder or a receptive language disorder. I also recognize how people have different modes of learning that appeals to them. In addition, I am aware of how some people do not generalize or transfer one body of knowledge to another field. People really are a composite of strengths and weaknesses in all areas. People can certainly be smart in some areas and lacking in others. I know someone who tests a few points lower than genius on IQ tests. However, he has been suckered by so many people into giving away a lot of his families' money. It ain't pretty. They also are very biased politically. They pretty much size up the world that anything Clinton does is good and anything Bush does is bad with few exceptions. And they can give you detailed information that at times has good analysis. Plus, they are very knowledgable about history. However, this does not guard them against huge biases. Also, this person can be very sweet and when a mood swing strikes they can be very destructive.

Mood swings are something you have to factor in as well. I believe that for many people that when they are under the influence of a Mood Swing that we are not seeing their true colors. When they are balanced, they are not on edge about little things. Therefore, I think that their better self is a truer measure of who they really are.

Did I mention that I probably think too much. And as I said it is both my strength and my weakness.

7:50 AM  

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