Sunday, February 05, 2006

Come to Texas, Militant Islamists, Please!

Why won't the cowards try the same thing here in the U.S. as they are in Europe? Man, I wish they would come to Texas. Try that crap here, please. I volunteer to fufill your martyrdom. I am beginning to think Bush is right; this is a war between good and evil. The politicians just muck the message up to suit their own political needs. Both sides of the fence are guilty. This war started many eons ago before this Earth was created. On this side of the veil we are seeing the culmination of the work before us, the good and the bad, and the consequent polarization. Forget the socio-politico-psychological reasons the terrorists use, or the excuses the weak of our society make up to account for the terrorists' behavior. The time to act is now. Write your representatives in Congress. Spread the word to your friends. Live a life of decency and up to the standards our country was founded upon. Gird up your loins, brethren...


Blogger elasticwaistbandlady said...

I was TOTALLY with you and nodding my head in agreement until that part where you demand living a life of decency.

Also, from my perspective to stop more infiltration and sleeper cells from forming we must secure our borders. There are too many reports of Middle Eastern men learning Spanish and changing their surnames to Garcia or Rodriguez.

It's also time to start deporting radical anti-American Muslims living here that are propogating and spreading the hate even further. Why do we tolerate this? There are statutes and laws in place to imprison, execute, or kick out the dangerous traitors among us. It's time to shove that P.C. crap into a corner and start enforcing our laws.

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