Thursday, January 26, 2006

If I Go, Would I Be Lucifer's Ho?

Ugh, the secular dilemmna of the great and spacious building...I want to go to a couple of shows here in Houston by a couple of bands I like but whose views and philosophies are polar opposite of everything I believe in. Meat Beat Manifesto on the 17th of Feb, and Ministry and Revco on 5th of May. Nobody I know knows who they are, except for my wife and kids! Ha! The music is great, alot of energy, and since I like to oneday write and record for my own personal use, I get many ideas from the bands. BUT, they oppose religion and anti-drug laws, GW Bush, government, and mock anything that is fine, or good, or worthy of respect, respect, respect...(get it?)...I have a few ideas why they do it too, but since I've never had a deep conversation with any of them, I can only speculate. The closest I got was when Al Jourgensen splashed me with red wine at a show. I do have a few Ministry stories to share, though. Ministry and Thrill Kill Kult toured together 2 years ago to sway voters from voting Bush; it was called the Evildoers tour...ha! Ministry had this voter registration drive and had a few spots open for like-minded individuals to volunteer to work the booths and in return get to see the show for free! YES! So, of course I signed up. I arrived a few hours early to set up and I got to see Ministry's soundcheck minus Al J. singing. They played No W, NWO, and Psalm 69, and I was one of the only 2 people in the club! YES! I had a Beavis moment...So, in order to carry out my duties, I went around registering people to vote and while I did so, I told the impressionable lost youth at the show (I'm an impressionable lost old man) that Ministry is satire, they want you to vote for Bush and along straight Rep. lines, but they want you to think about why you vote that way, and Ministry loves Bush and hates Kerry. Fifth column, YES! I was Gideon in the Lamanite camp! Shazam! Free show, got to see soundcheck, spread the Gospel, sort of, and hopefully threw a wrench into Ministry's propaganda machine! Yes! Another Ministry story is my favorite one. My wife and I both worked at Target around Christmas of 92 in Humble, Tx before we were married, and Ministry was playing on the 5th or around then. She had dyed purple hair (Jimi Hendrix purple, manic panic) and melted my buns! She then asked me to go to Ministry with her and her friends; I had to refuse because I was taking my girlfriend of the moment with me already. But, I saw her at the show, I grabbed her and said Hey! but she was tripping and stoned, and I was sober (at the time, damn!). And, we are now married with three boys, I teach Primary, she is in some R.S. calling, and we are happy (relatively). And that leads me to the original dilemmna: if I go, I'm going by myself. However, I'm trying to say, "Babe, it would be just like when we first met, minus the acid!" "Please go with me..." She will have none of it. Argh, the struggle of choice...


Blogger elasticwaistbandlady said...

Yeah, I went through a gothic phase and LOVED Ministry for a short time. But then I also went through a cowboy phase and wore camel-toe inducing Rocky Mountain jeans and learned line dancing to, "Boot Scootin Boogie". Proof of my woefully short attention span.

Your post is making me laugh thinking about anarchist punky youth suddenly becoming advocates for the Republican way of life. I wonder if they'll be invited to the next Republican Convention. I know Republicans are trying to be more diverse and inclusive, why not allow the stoner, spiky collared, black lipstick wearing crowd in?

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Susan M said...

Wow, another Mormon into the Rock. Way cool.

I go see bands all the time whose views are polar opposite mine, it just doesn't bug me. Often it makes me laugh.

9:27 PM  

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