Monday, March 26, 2007

Fear Not, for I've Overcome the World

And I knew the silence of the world...

The title is scripture, and the latter is a song...

I see the latest 'crisis' regarding Iran in two ways: Iran is trying to elevate things, or Iran is using this as a guage to see how far the world will react in regards to Iran's aggression; sort of like last year's kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by terrorists...So, either way, where does this lead?

I've been working nights since New Years and my sleep habits are skewed. Once I was awake last week for around 36 hours straight; during the night portion of that I read all of 1st Nephi. I love the scriptures. When I start relying on my own wisdom, or see the world through my own 'lenses', then I get depressed. The good thing about scriptures is that the remind you of who and where you are, if you have the faith to believe in them and the subsequent testimony.

April's Ensign is especially good. I like Elder Haight's article and the First Presidency's Message. Elder Haight talks about an episode when he is extremely ill and unconscious for days and during that period he has a vision of the Saviour and His mission. I find it peculiar the Lord working that way. Maybe it took a coma to get through to Elder Haight (hahaha...).

Secularly, I'm bored with all of my music. I'm actually anti-all-of-my-music right now; nothing's appealing to me and most of the bands I listen to are following the anti-Bush trend. How shallow. How utterly stupid. Rock against Bush...Does it get through to more than druggies, hormonal teenagers, and college students? I started a book which seems ok for the time being; it's called When Madeliene Was Young or something like that. I just started so time will tell.

On the baby front, I think I'm in for some trouble. I had a dream where I felt a need to show-off for my daughter and be impossibly perfect for her, like I have to be this knight following some strict moral code (like a Priesthood Peter, maybe....?). Heather was sleeping and I was laying next to her feeling her swollen watermelon belly and femme fetus was squirming all over the place! She's going to be wild!

I graduate in one month. Not that the regimen was difficult, but the due dates for easy assignments and keeping up with the schedule will not be missed. I will pick up more shifts and worry about nothing except time for the kids. Life will hopefully be easy. Except for Iran...


Anonymous Susan M said...

Good to see a post from you. When's the baby due?

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Barb said...

That is a wild dream-you being a Peter Priesthood type.

Congratulations on graduating!

6:34 PM  

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