Thursday, February 15, 2007

Heartbeat/Children Of The Drum


Heather and I missed Valentine's Day because I was at school, so we're planning to go out Saturday. I was looking at the newspaper and there it was, Kodo is playing Saturday at the Jones Hall in Houston. YES!!! So, that's our date night.

Heather asked, "What do I wear, you don't think I can wear jeans, do you?" I replied, "We wore jeans when we saw Flaming Lips and Beck at the Jones Hall..."

I have wanted to see the Kodo drummers for forever. I have the Heroes soundtrack and they play on that. I looked into buying some traditional Kodo drums to accentuate my kit, which would be extremely cool, but when I looked to buy them, I didn't realize a single Kodo-style drum (authentic) around 14-16" in diameter costs around...$10,000 and more. Needless to say I was mildly disappointed and did not make that purchase. Heather would have killed me...


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Patrick, you asked about the Cymbalta. I think I've got my personality back. Honestly. My depression was so deep that I felt dead inside and I was totally faking it (badly) online.

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