Thursday, February 15, 2007

Breaking News...

Ugh. Just like I predicted a while ago...I work nights, so when I'm not working I'm up during the night. So, I turned on the TV, which I haven't watched in a while, and there she was. Nancy disGrace railing on about Anna Nicole Smith. CNN, Anna Nicole Smith. Greta Van Susternen (FOX), Anna Nicole Smith.

"This just in, 145 people killed in Iraq by religious fanatics, Africa is still drowning in blood, and now, back to Anna Nicole Smith."

I don't know about where you live, but in Houston we have PWT crack whores dying all of the time. What's the deal with this one? I wonder if that poor hungry child in Baghdad whose parents were killed and chalked up to "collateral damage" by the U.S. liberators is watching TV somehow and wondering if Anna Nicole Smith is the summation of American society, and if he does get that impression, is he really, truly wrong?

I also LOVE the fact at least two national meetings on Global Warming were postponed or cancelled due to ice storms and blizzards. God and I must share the same sense of humor.


Anonymous Barb said...

I hear where you are coming from Patrick. As sad and tragic as anyone's untimely death is, going wall to wall with it does not seem right. There is so little hard news these days. Sadly, it is driven by what a lot of viewers want to see. So many people are so interested in celebrity. I can't say that I have no interest. I would like to see things better proportioned.

Global warning meeting cancelled due to a blizzard. That is funny! I recall when I was taking Introduction to Earth and Environmental Science in about 1993 that it was said that any fluctations in climate were not enough at that point to be evidence of anything given the variations through the centuries. I can't imagine that much has changed in that few of years.

7:37 AM  

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