Saturday, February 18, 2006

Dear Mr. Bush, Congress, and Courts:

Isn't this wild? All of my life I've looked at our country, the U.S., as an example to the world of freedom and sanity, although I was born in '72. What happened? Is this not bizarre how Germany, France, and almost all of Europe are taking the rational side of the developments between Islam and the world? Can this be true? Here we are, about to sell the rights to our ports to the United Arab Emirates, a terrorist and Muslim haven (kind of redundant, terrorist and Muslim), and countries I personally thought of as corrupt and cowardly in the face of hard decisions to be made are...being a light to the United States?!? Where are we heading to as a country? Where are our lives going to, because this is serious? I don't believe so much in conspiracy theories, right vs. left, or other similar b. shit, but there is something fundamentally wrong in this country. This is much deeper than the War; I think the War is bringing to light a serious flaw in our culture. Our country has been way too comfortable for too long; it appears we forgot what it is like to struggle for our lives, much less our freedoms and frivolity. Our poor have cell-phones and cable; our poor are obese. Mormon Mommy Wars is depressed over 'body-image' issues...people struggle to be identified by where they want to stick their genitalia; vague ideas of tolerance and society are favored institutions in universities instead of science; you are divided by political party lines when you can't see the hand behind the 'right' is the same hand supporting the 'left'. We are emasculated. We are afraid to admit the truth behind what is going on in our country because of a perception of a lack of sensitivity on our part. Is Islam our Lamanite scourge?


Blogger wendela said...

Interesting article. Wish it was more widely known. Had to consult Wikipedia on Lamanite, though (as I'm non-LDS). Media drives many of the problems. I hope it's (articles like the one you linked) brought out that other places/countries are fed up. Can you imagine a member of the U.S. Congress in a safe house as that guy in the article? I'm sure he's afraid he'll be offed as Theo VanGogh was a while back.

2:31 PM  
Blogger elasticwaistbandlady said...

Patrick, I hate divisive Republicans good, Democrats Bad talk. Can we just come to a general consensus and plan of action together for the well being of our country?

It's not just Islam we have to watch out for. Courtesy of the last administration who sold top weaponry and physics trade secrets to the Chinese.

Things in the World are volatile. South America is poised to fall to the Communism way thank to economic depression and Hugo Chavez with his comrade, Jimmy Carter. Israel has had ineffectual leadership that has been detrimental to them. Moving out of the Gaza Strip was a HUGE mistake. Our trade agreements and illegal immigrant problem is suffocating our own country. Long story short, the end is near as witnessed by the signs in the Scriptures.

Oh, our poor have the world at their feet in the U.S. because the middle class like me are squeezed and raped by the I.R.S and penalized for working our asses off. That is all.

9:11 PM  

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