Friday, March 30, 2007

Snuclear War

I'm starting a countdown to the annihilation of Iran. Stupid, stupid country. There are pictures of the Iranian populace shouting anti-Bush/U.S.A. rants and so on...So, are these people coerced by their 'leaders'-aka the mullahs or government, or are these feelings sincere? Either way, they should be nuked (snuked, if you watch Southpark). Here's why:

First of all, if their feelings are sincere, then they present a threat to our civilization, which means a threat ultimately to my family and freedom.. There is no question which I choose there.

Secondly, if they are being coerced or threatened, say for instance the mullahs or coercing force is threatening their families in order for them to publicly rant, then they are cowards. They need to be killed for their cowardice. If the population is really wanting to overthrow the current regime, like our news purports them to, then why don't they? We did it 250-plus years ago against a similar, if not larger, threat. Read the last line of the Declaration of Independence to see what the authors sacrificed in signing that Document.

And is anyone taking global warming seriously? How can they with Al Gore and his mansion (man of the people my ass-Gore's a hypocrite communist-wake up!) and John Travolta at the helm? Does anyone else see through their facade? ???


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