Friday, March 30, 2007

Snuclear War

I'm starting a countdown to the annihilation of Iran. Stupid, stupid country. There are pictures of the Iranian populace shouting anti-Bush/U.S.A. rants and so on...So, are these people coerced by their 'leaders'-aka the mullahs or government, or are these feelings sincere? Either way, they should be nuked (snuked, if you watch Southpark). Here's why:

First of all, if their feelings are sincere, then they present a threat to our civilization, which means a threat ultimately to my family and freedom.. There is no question which I choose there.

Secondly, if they are being coerced or threatened, say for instance the mullahs or coercing force is threatening their families in order for them to publicly rant, then they are cowards. They need to be killed for their cowardice. If the population is really wanting to overthrow the current regime, like our news purports them to, then why don't they? We did it 250-plus years ago against a similar, if not larger, threat. Read the last line of the Declaration of Independence to see what the authors sacrificed in signing that Document.

And is anyone taking global warming seriously? How can they with Al Gore and his mansion (man of the people my ass-Gore's a hypocrite communist-wake up!) and John Travolta at the helm? Does anyone else see through their facade? ???

Monday, March 26, 2007

It all makes sense, now...

Some of my co-workers bring magazines like US, People, etc. and I find myself in rare moments of down-time reading them. Apparently Angelina Jolie is adopting another child. I didn't read the article, but a thought occurred to me...what better victims than international orphans who won't be noticed when they disappear? You see...

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are cannibals with an insatiable appetite for children...

Mark my words...

Fear Not, for I've Overcome the World

And I knew the silence of the world...

The title is scripture, and the latter is a song...

I see the latest 'crisis' regarding Iran in two ways: Iran is trying to elevate things, or Iran is using this as a guage to see how far the world will react in regards to Iran's aggression; sort of like last year's kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by terrorists...So, either way, where does this lead?

I've been working nights since New Years and my sleep habits are skewed. Once I was awake last week for around 36 hours straight; during the night portion of that I read all of 1st Nephi. I love the scriptures. When I start relying on my own wisdom, or see the world through my own 'lenses', then I get depressed. The good thing about scriptures is that the remind you of who and where you are, if you have the faith to believe in them and the subsequent testimony.

April's Ensign is especially good. I like Elder Haight's article and the First Presidency's Message. Elder Haight talks about an episode when he is extremely ill and unconscious for days and during that period he has a vision of the Saviour and His mission. I find it peculiar the Lord working that way. Maybe it took a coma to get through to Elder Haight (hahaha...).

Secularly, I'm bored with all of my music. I'm actually anti-all-of-my-music right now; nothing's appealing to me and most of the bands I listen to are following the anti-Bush trend. How shallow. How utterly stupid. Rock against Bush...Does it get through to more than druggies, hormonal teenagers, and college students? I started a book which seems ok for the time being; it's called When Madeliene Was Young or something like that. I just started so time will tell.

On the baby front, I think I'm in for some trouble. I had a dream where I felt a need to show-off for my daughter and be impossibly perfect for her, like I have to be this knight following some strict moral code (like a Priesthood Peter, maybe....?). Heather was sleeping and I was laying next to her feeling her swollen watermelon belly and femme fetus was squirming all over the place! She's going to be wild!

I graduate in one month. Not that the regimen was difficult, but the due dates for easy assignments and keeping up with the schedule will not be missed. I will pick up more shifts and worry about nothing except time for the kids. Life will hopefully be easy. Except for Iran...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Bloody Valentine is really Heavy

I have a friend who's in the Army. He's an alright guy...I haven't really talked to him in ages but his mom and stepdad live in our little multicultural white enclave of Kingwood...He's now in Iraq fighting for...?...and his wife is the type of person who forwards all of these emails which don't really mean anything but political smears...they're a type of chain letters which are meant to rile people up about whatever side of the pole their political leanings are. She never emails about personal stuff, which I'd rather hear about; she only emails chain letters. She emailed this one about my lusty blonde bombshell Hillary Clinton defending the Black Panthers in a murder trial which Paul Harvey was reporting on. So, I 'd it (on the menu on snopes, type in Hillary Clinton Paul Harvey Black Panters...too lazy to link it) and replied it back to her. Her stepdad emailed me and said that if Hillary Clinton get's in office the country is going to end..blah blah blah...along those lines, and he said no reply from me was desired or necessary. I never stated my personal feelings about H. Clinton one way or another. I don't think it's right to smear someone just because you don't agree/like them. I think if you have an opinion, back it up with reason. Don't just hate for no reason. Damn ignut-ass haters...

Which leads me to this doesn't matter who's in office. I think a country's decline is more marked by media we pay attention to, the acceptance of immorality, and such. Not by a presidential candidate. The candidate is just a guage...Look at Americans: Nancy Grace is still rattling on about A. N. Smith. So what? Someone is paying attention to her if she is still getting air-time. Al Gore is still gaining ground on 'global-warming' in spite of snowed-out rallies and marches on the subject. The border patrol is literally handcuffed from doing their jobs because of 'civil-rights infringements' on illegals. Religious authorities are being caught in child-molesting and homosexual activities while high on meth. So, what defines a country's decline?

And man, will someone put a bullet in Nancy Grace?

Monday, March 05, 2007

I Love Politicians

Gearing up for another line of liars and hypocrites in 2008. It's kind of like Christmas with all of the marketing buildup.

So, if anybody votes for Hillary Clinton, you suck.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Josh Groban is real.

Saturday, 3/10/07, the Polyphonic Spree is headlining the North x Southeast festival in Dallas, and yes, the Psychic Head family is going. All of us. This will be the 3rd time for wife and I, and 2nd for Chloe fetus. It's a surprise for the 12, 9, and 5 year old. Our 12 year old is trying to be a moody emo thing for his girlfriend, so I don't think the Spree fits into his current worldview. He has a myspace page (closely monitored by me and wife) where it has all the emo bands and dark hot-topic type background. So I went, unbeknownst to him, and changed his myspace song to Billy Ray Cyrus' song I Want My Mullet Back (leave it to a hick to come up with that song title) and a Kenney Chesney background. I put his fave tv shows as Dukes of Hazzard and anything Nascar. I also wrote how he thinks all of today's goths and emos are nothing but factory-made from the mall, much to the chagrin of his seventh-grader friends.

I love being a dad!

Oh yeah, I was watching 24 one Tuesday a.m. and a commercial came on showing this guy coming to Houston and playing at the Toyota Center or something, and he looked exactly like Napolean Dynamite! I thought to myself, Who is this? The guy sounded like a really, extremely bad version of Barry Manilow. So, who looks like N. Dynamite and sounds like a bad Barry Manilow (initials B.M....hahaha...)? It was Josh Groban! I remember hearing about him on the radio about how all of these girls like him. Tell me it's not true...Is he an American Idol contestant?