Monday, July 31, 2006

2ndLT. Patrick Henry

It is official. I did my swearing-in yesterday evening after Church in my home with my wife taking pictures and my kids watching. I play racquetball with this retired Colonel and he did the honors along with SFC Lee. So, terrorists, watch out, or I'll start an IV on you if your virgin-maker misfires. Or assist in the transplant of your kidney or liver.

Here's a little song for you to identify. I don't agree with the artist's politics or moral standpoint, but this song captures everything I feel about today's political zoo.

We tried assassinations, it's the same
Demonstrations and violence, but it's still the same to me
Economic sanctions, it's the same
Tried dragging their names through mud, but it's still the same to me

Where the hell is the population?
All quiet for a generation
Whatever happened to the human race?
Can't you see the enemy here is you?

In the Tory, or the Labor camps, well it's the same
Republican or Democrat, but it's still the same to me
Go to Lenin or Marx, it doesn't matter
Starve the people while the rich get fatter
Can't you see they got us where they want us?
Can't you see the enemy here is you?

Name that tune, buffoon. It's kind of appropriate isn't it? It was written in the eighties, and kind of points out where we, the U.S., are right now.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The World's Coming To An End, Mal

What movie is that line from? I see angels, Mickey...

So, this is the end of the world...Lance B'ass comes out with what I've been telling everyone for the past 10 years, Yates is found NOT GUILTY, Hugo Chavez is planning to purchase Russian Migs and start a Kalishnikov factory in Venezuela, and my Gamecube games are on the fritz...

Do you agree with Yates' verdict? I have mixed feelings. I want to believe she is really sick, but something inside me wants to cut her into little pieces (surprised?). Is Mr. Yates guilty of something? Wait...wasn't Charles Manson found guilty but didn't even commit the crime? Double standard, or sign of the times? One of my degrees is in culinary arts, and one of the classes required us to develop a restaurant from ground up. The name of my restaurant was Soylent Green and one of the entrees was called Manson Meatloaf with Sharon Taters. Get it?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Artificial Insemination

Yesterday I got the news...I've been accepted into the U.S. Army Reserves as an R.N., 2nd Lieutenant Patrick Henry. Yes! I'm so excited. My beautiful wife will post pictures of the swearing-in ceremony, and then I'll be in for real. I told a friend from church I was attempting to join and he said, "Uh, don't you know there's a war going on right now?" Yes, and what's the point? I've been aching for this moment since 9/12/01, and finally it has arrived. I won't tell my parents until I'm actually sworn in. Has anyone played Halo? I want to send the terrorists 'on their journey' as the Covenant put it. Hooah...In other news...
My wife and I are having another baby. Number 4, most likely a boy. Another little right-winger introduced to the world. People tell me, "You'll have your own baseball team in a while." I prefer to call it my own death-squad. The terrorists crave suicide, we crave homicide, and together we paint a complete picture. Yin and and white...chocolate and rasberries...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lost In A Forest

Many things to talk about.

First of all, I went on a date last night and saw the new Shyamalan (sp?) movie. Absolutely wonderful. It got bad reviews from the critics, but some people just don't get it. All of Shyamalan's movies are intense. They're like the Book of Mormon, you get something from it every time you see them. His movies are multi-layered, full of symbolism, and intensly spiritual. I can't talk for at least an hour after I see every one of his movies, I'm so moved.

Secondly, the news today said a judge ordered a sixteen y/o into chemo for treatment of his cancer. What? How can this be so? What right does a judge have to force someone into medical treatment? This sounds so ludicrous, so...big Ha! Gotcha! This leads to my final thought of the blog.

Here it is. My last entry dealt in trying to understand another perspective on the U.S.A. and our interactions with the world. I opened a can of worms, not that I don't like that. I overturned a log and all the liberal insects ran scurrying in search of more darkness to hide in. I was blog-slammed by a coward named any-mouse, Poocho, Lazytikia, and a new roach calling him- or herself Callous Communist. Where do these people come from? Something so clear as freedom for individuals to excel or stagnate according to their desires makes so much sense to me. Why bring in government to run our individual lives? Is that 16 y/o going to suffer now against his wishes? Is this what the liberal attitude is pushing for?

Friday, July 21, 2006

My Bitch...

What? Here I am, the great white Satan, on my way to world domination, or at least domination of Mexico and all the beautiful brown-skins who are innocently raped and pillaged by my greedy pure ivory fingers in my unsatiable appetite for more, more, more...

I've read this blog and it is the same thing everyday. Yes, I could make the choice of not going to the aforementioned blog, but you know, it's sometimes comical. I respect other peoples' opinions, and I even try to see from their perspective. But, this blog represents a one-sidedness that is so obvious it is difficult to understand the ignorance of its author. So what happened with poor, down-trodden lazatikia? Here are my theories:

Lazatikia is on a mission to save the world by pointing out how the USA is enslaving the world and spreading its greed on a global scale; she's taken it upon herself to be the world's Paul Revere (Paula de Reverecia?). Her mission is just and noble.

Or more likely: Lazytikia has chosen a life of ease and free of ambition for worldly things, which is not a bad thing. Simplicity is wonderful. However, Lazytikia is human like everyone else and is prey to a universal human attribute: insecurity. Lazytikia, in living her Utopian life of have-not, is bent on convincing the world of the righteousness of her decision. In order to do so, she must first point out the detriments of the choices of others, such as capitalism and freedom. Lazytikia is not secure in her choice of lifestyle and thinks those with more materialistic things judge her for her lack of such things. In order to neutralize the nagging self-doubt, she turns her feelings against those with more. It's like in history when royalty looked down on the poor, but now the poor find it easier to denigrate the ones with money (or those they think have money) than work themselves out of their hole.

This has to be the answer. Lazytikia brings up interesting points on her blog, but she only destroys and tears down. She offers no solutions. Her cohorts are just the same. The Far Left Queue talk of the beauty of slaves, the ousting of rich doctors, the greed of America, free healthcare...stupid. Anyone with a brain looks at ALL sides and then suggests an answer. For the record, you have to question the beauty of slaves. Are they victims? Yes. But they do have a choice. Is death a bad thing? If it were me, I would choose death over slavery. You have to question the thought process of a society which would choose generations of torture and forced servitude rather than death. What is life to a slave?

La Raza Blanca

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So, What's Going On Over There?

Shortly I will hear news on whether or not my paperwork was accepted at the Board for commissioning or not. If accepted, I will post pictures of my swearing-in into the U.S. Army with extreme haste and pleasure.

So, what's going on in Israel? This is how I see it. Ever since I can remember I've heard of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I was born in '72 so I remember quite alot. Now this happens. The headlines today read the U.S. gives Israel one week to take care of 'business' with Hezbollah in Lebanon. Is there something we don't know? How come we will not, for very wise purposes, give a deadline for pulling out of Iraq yet when Israel is faced with (in my opinion) something infinitely much more dire we, the U.S., take it upon ourselves to impose a deadline on them? I cannot piece together the logic here. I am very pro-Iraq and pro-Israel, but I'm having problems understanding the current headlines today.

Israel gave back Gaza, gave back the North, both of which they won fairly when invaded by most of the Middle East in 1967. This did nothing to stem the tide of violence against them. Didn't Jordan pull out the 'Palestinians' and promised to give them their land back once they destroyed Israel, but Jordan ended up losing in such a big way they couldn't keep their promise? Well, shame on Jordan for losing the war, buy the reality is, Israel is legally in the right. There is no Palestine. 'Palestine' is just another name for Islam to use to destroy Israel and the West. So why are the Lebanese protesting Israel for protecting itself? I hate seeing the pictures of the marches (can they only march? what is it with marching?) where they state Israel is the terrorist, Israel is the bully, and so on. If the Lebanese really had testicles and brains (they seem to lack both) they would kick out Hezbollah. Since they don't do anything against Hezbollah, then they are: 1. brainless, 2. testicle-less, or 3. they are in league as a society with Hezbollah. It appears by their inaction they are in league with Hezbollah.

There is no easy way out of this. If it were up to me, I would stay out of Israel and let them defend themselves. What right do we as a country which is defending itself limit another country from doing the same? I don't like this at all.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Answer to Susan

Here is my concert list. Some were really good, some were not so hot, and some made me hate the band forevermore.

Alien Sex Fiend (2)
R.E.M.(1st concert)
The Cure (2)
Depeche Mode (David Gahan is an idiot, DM sucks, I hate DM, most boring show)
Nitzer Ebb (opened for Depeche Mode and kicked mule...probably why I hated DM)
Ministry (4...met my wife because of them...thanks Al...)
Primus (4 or 5?)
Melvins (sounded like one long song)
Nirvana (for $8 in Austin)
Dinosaur Jr. (2...once when I was in orbit...blew me away...)
Grandaddy (great!)
Alabama (Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo...went for a hot chick)
The Hunger (many times)
Brain Dead Sound Machine (stupid wax trax band)
NIN (2...once for $8 at Numbers)
The Polyphonic Spree (w/out a doubt one of the best shows I've ever seen)
Helio Sequence (rocked...gently)
Super Furry Animals
The Flaming Lips (2.5 times...see Beck)
Beck (w/ the Flaming Lips as the band)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (actually boring)
Porno For Pyros (another 'in orbit' moment)
Butthole Surfers (2) (wish I was in orbit at the time)
Rev. Horton Heat
Janes Addiction (2)
Skinny Puppy (2)
Siouxie and the Banshees (2)
Thrill Kill Kult (2)
Pearl Jam (not on purpose)
Rage Against The Machine (2)(this is for all my chucos)(Zack is a brain dead moron)
Lush (had a severe crush on the singer)
Jesus and Mary Chain
Front 242 (3)
Sweet Lee Morrow
Smashing Pumpkins (3)
Steppenwolf/Foghat/Satriani/S. Vai/Eric Johnson (G3...after every song, the singer from Steppenwolf would say, "Kinda takes you back, doesn't it?")
Violent Femmes
24-7 Spyz
Henry Rollins Band
Beastie Boys
Arrested Development (not on purpose)(remember 'Mr. Wendall'?)
Social Distortion
Bouffant Jellyfish
Sugar Shack
Ice T (gave me a dirty look...don't call me whitey, nigga)
Ice Cube
Alice In Chains
Meat Beat Manifesto (3 or 4)
George Clinton and P-Funk (mutha-----)
Erasure (uh...)
The Mentors
Firehose (2)

I just haven't seen Mercury Rev yet. The only band I want to see, except maybe for the Lips or the Spree, which I will never tire of seeing. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing Ween. Both Ween and the Lips are playing at the Austin City Limits, but there is that Sunday issue I don't care to violate plus Ween is way too vulgar. Their music is genius though. 'When the going gets tough from the get-go go man go oh no not another mother--- gonna go now'...that right, Dean? So right...